Disrupting The Way The World Commutes

Welcome to UHop!

UHop is the global mobile transportation platform devoted to the wellbeing of people and the planet. We are passionate about solving the world’s transportation challenges with smart and innovative solutions.
By continuously improving user experience and creating social value, UHop strives to build the safest, open and sustainable mobile transportation ecosystem.

Creating Positive Change In People’s Lives

We do good by our Drivers

For too long, drivers in our industry have suffered long working hours, low wages and little real reward for their hard work. No one has been looking out for their wellbeing, until now!. 

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We do good by our Planet

Climate change, pollution, congestion, and resource scarcity are just some of the big threats to our planet’s future sustainability. We’re dauntless when it comes to protecting our environment.

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We do good by our Customers

Billions of people all over the world commute every day. We’ve introduced a subscription-based system, so riders pay less, save time, and get the best experience. Oh, and commute with conscience!

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UHop Sulutions

UHop’s creates a sustainable ecosystem for Daily mass commuting.

UHop commuting products not only benefit you, your company, and your employees, but also help reduce the CO2 emissions and pollution caused by fossil fuels.

Commute with UHop and everyone is a winner!

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