Committed To Caring For Our Drivers

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Committed To Caring For Our Drivers

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Driving with UHop 

Would you like to work independently?

As a UHop driver, you design your own schedule, driving when and where you want to. When you join, you become part of the UHope driver community, where you are rewarded for all your hard work.

Once you meet our standard requirements, for age restrictions, a valid license, and access to a smartphone device, we then assess your driving skills.

Applicants who meet our quality standards can start driving right away!

Why UHop?

Not only are we committed to making transport easier, affordable, and safe for the commuter, we’re also committed to rewarding our most important asset – our drivers.

As part of our UHope initiative, we provide a platform that offers flexible working hours, and fairly rewards drivers for their time.  We make it easier for our drivers to earn, as we cap our fees and only begin charging our commission AFTER our drivers have earned a base amount.

Our drivers earn first, then we do!  

Drive with UHop

Ready to join the community that do good by the driver, by the planet, and by the customer?

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