Ride With Confidence

Ride With Confidence

Why UHop!

Providing customers with the utmost convenience is a priority at UHop, which is why we’ve streamlined the entire customer experience focusing on rider safety convince.

When you ride with UHop you become part of a community that do good by the driver, do good by the planet, and do good by the customer. 

When you book your ride, the UHop app tells you the exact price you’ll be charged – not a price range or approximation. You’ll always know the exact cost of your journey before you start.

How it works

As a hopper, you automatically become part of the UHope community. Opting for a ride-share commuting service is your individual contribution towards a more sustainable planet. Hoppers can purchase various subscription packages for individual and routine commutes.

Download the UHop app from the Google Playstore or iOS, and be on your way! Our user-friendly platform makes life easy, from setting up your ride-sharing service, ordering a car, to automated payments. And don’t forget to provide customer-service feedback by rating the quality of your trip!

Ride With UHop

Ready to join the community that do good by the driver, by the planet, and by the customer?

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