Global Technology Platform For Transport Solutions

UHop Solutions 

UHop transport solutions not only benefit you, your company, and your employees, but also the planet by reducing CO2 emissions and pollution caused by fossil fuels.

Commute with UHop and everyone is a winner!

The Daily Commute

Tired of wasting time in the morning?
Getting stressed in traffic?
Dread looking for parking? 
Then this is the product for you!

Free yourself and subscribe to the UHop Daily Commute. We’ll take care of getting you to school or work in the most convenient and cost-effective way!

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Corporate Solutions

Is adequate parking an issue at your company?
Do your employees make business trips during working hours?
Would you like a solution to reduce your company’s transport costs?
Then this is the product for your company!

UHop empowers corporates to have their own, dedicated business transport platform!

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City Solutions

Need a lift part of the way?
Get tired by walking into or out of a metro station? 
Can not afford a full ride hailing?

UHop connects rider to public transport hubs. Your driver can drop you off at a bus terminal, metro station, subway station, or airport, so you can get to where you need to go, the way you want!.

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