City Solutions

Need a lift part of the way? UHop connects riders to public transport hubs. Your driver can drop you off at a bus terminal, metro station, subway station, or airport, so you can get to where you need to go, the way you want!.

We work with Cities and Public Transport Agencies to design custom made solutions for Public Transport users with additional support to connect their home or place of work to public transportation hubs. 

Using our technology and solutions such as Subway or Metro feeder services we can help public transportation users with their last mile or half mile connectivity to reduce dependence on the automobile as a major mode of ground transportation and increase the use of public transport. Our city solutions can be custom made and designed to provide for speedy, safe, pleasant and comfortable movement of passengers in all areas.

The feeder services are aimed at getting passengers from public transport stations to either residential or commercial areas, so that the public transport system can cover more areas and maximize reach.

Our city solutions can be integrated with any public transport payment tools and are offered by public transport agencies to ensure satisfaction and great customer experience for public transport users.